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Healthy Larkin 2014

A fun and comprehensive approach to weight loss and good health!

Welcome to your new beginning! Healthy Larkin 2014 is a 12 week weight loss program designed to help you drop the unwanted pounds and gain energy and health.

The components:

  • 12 weeks- weight loss/healthy eating challenge.
  • Team approach- 3-4 participants per team (each participant must be an employee of Larkin).
  • Weekly nutrition, physical activity and/or behavior lectures by healthcare professionals (Registered Nutritionists and Personal Trainers)
    • 20-25 minute meetings/week
    • Free lunch provided during the meeting
    • Weekly weigh-in at the meeting.
  • Cafeteria healthy option for breakfast and lunch.
  • Cost of the program: $10.00 per person.

 Prizes will be awarded at the end of the 12 weeks to the winners

 Start: April 9, 2014. Meetings are every Wednesday at 12:15pm.

How to join:

Simply form a team of 3-4 participants and e-mail the names to sescobar@larkinhospital.com. You will promptly receive a package with further instructions.

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