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Message from the Chief Nursing Officer

The current healthcare environment presents special challenges to the nursing profession. Complex social and economic factors play a role as we deliver care to patients with multiple medical problems from diverse cultural backgrounds. Patients and their families are well informed and have higher expectations. Nurses play a vital role in improving the quality of life of their patients in this challenging environment and must consistently deliver safe, high quality nursing care in a culturally sensitive way.

Our nurses show an uncompromising commitment to providing the highest quality of patient care. Our nursing department consists of a team of highly qualified professional registered nurses that are well educated to take care of the needs of our patients. A team of licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants support the RNs in order to enhance the patient experience.

Our mission is to be committed to providing patient centered and culturally competent care of the highest quality utilizing evidence-based practices. We believe that the delivery of compassionate quality healthcare is the essence of nursing and that our work promotes the optimization of health throughout the lifespan.

Our nursing vision is to improve the practice of nursing through empowerment and autonomy, nursing education and the implementation of evidence based nursing best practice. Our nurses are highly respected professionals, recognized for excellence in patient care and dedication to the advancement of the nursing profession.

The Larkin Community Hospital campus is growing at an accelerated pace providing many opportunities for nurses including management and leadership positions. I am proud of the commitment of our nurses to improve the quality of care, their professionalism, compassion and pride in the nursing profession. I invite you to explore the nursing opportunities at Larkin Community Hospital and encourage you to take pride in our profession, mentor the new nurses, and leave a legacy of excellence and advocacy for patients

I’d like to thank our dedicated team of nurses for the outstanding work they consistently do.

Mercedes Perez de Salazar, DNP, MSN, MBA, NE-BC


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